Scale System

About service centers

The service centers were established in 15/01/2006 and are 7 main centers (Al-Hail Services Center, Al-Thuban Service Center, Al-Seiji Services Center, Al-Tuwaien Services Center, Habhab Services Center, Al-Buraq Services Center, The company provides institutional services, works on permits and various databases to help know the volume of rock production, the quality of the produced materials, and the execution of special mining projects for the Emirate of Fujairah and outside the Emirate, through which studies are designed to improve the level of investment opportunities in the future especially in the field of mining and Work on the environmental tariff system was started at 0 1/02/2017 (AED 7 per ton).

These service centers have special scales for trucks operating on the weight of trucks loaded by the establishments

Mechanism of work on the current balance system

  • A magnetic card is created for the owners of the consignments so that they can be read through the reader and through which all the data for the truck are identified
  • The weight gauge is a metal flat at the same level as the ground surface and contains 4 weight sensors below ground level and conductive cables
  • The driver's weight indication unit is a power keyboard, a programmable key and an explanation board for weight. This unit is essential for transmitting information to the computer
  • A computer connected to the system.