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In response to the recent technological development and technological progress witnessed by the United Arab Emirates in general, and the Emirate of Fujairah in particular, and in line with the strategic plans of the State 2020 and the Emirate of Fujairah 2040, Fujairah Natural Resources Foundation recently launched a number of modern technologies environment, "In order to reduce the aggravation of negative environmental phenomena and to provide the opportunity to provide pioneering initiatives with national dimensions and to contain the risks and restrict them in the narrowest possible way for a quick solution. It is a rapid response to solve environmental problems according to modern information systems

- Ali Qassem, Director General of the Fujairah Natural Resources Foundation said: The application includes GPS system and interact with the customers to access the place of the event and response speed, and monitors all the negatives and processing, and doing corrective actions preventive environmental problems, and enables the establishment of a database and other smart solutions imposed by the nature of the work of the institution, LEPEC aims to provide innovative, intelligent channels to help individuals, society and the environment, reduce the aggravation of negative environmental phenomena, and provide opportunities for pioneering initiatives with national dimensions, containment and risk minimization. Rapid solution, quality of life and community partnership to offer innovative solutions that provide constructive ideas for development and investment.

"The application of Labaik adds innovative solutions to protect and improve the quality and sustainability of the environment by mobilizing the positive energy of the society as a whole and guiding it towards a better environment and a more beautiful future for all," he said. "The application was updated according to innovative standards that contribute to creating a supportive environment for innovation. The application is available to all categories of society in all its categories. It is easy to use, implement and respond quickly to solve environmental problems. It can also be measured as an indicator of success. It reflects customer satisfaction and creates a platform that highlights the positive ideas that contribute to improving the environment to be an urban address that encourages social behavior and activates community awareness about the optimal investment of social media.

On the electronic application procedures, Kassem says: Monitoring the environmental event is negative or positive, urgent communication, environmental risk outlook, proactive prevention solutions and initiatives, and field solutions. The application mechanisms are: Start loading the electronic application and choose the language between Arabic and English. The caller will then monitor the event via a video clip, video or video clip recorded by his or her phone number if desired. The service will transfer the contents of the message to the relevant inspectors and follow up with the GPS tracking system. The field solution will be sent back to the operational room and the results will be sent back to the operating room. A service to send you what you want to achieve is documented by the caller

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On the application features, he said, "All categories of the community will be able to report on all environmental problems by citizens and residents in general in an easy and accessible manner through the application of LIBEC, whose functions are characterized by the following: Simplicity of design and smooth browsing. The application is available in both Arabic and English, and includes a news channel to keep the customer informed of the latest news and updates about the Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation, and allows the client to follow up on his message through the number he receives immediately after sending it to his note. The organization will follow up the correction of the environmental cases with an outstanding technical mechanism, stressing that the application operates within a tight framework for information security in continuation of the institution's close and internationally recognized approach to obtaining the ISO27001 certificate and carrying out field operations to make the environment of Fujairah a sustainable development. It also provides the management of the institution with supervisory observations.

It analyzes the initiatives, reports and reports and provides performance management at the technical and professional levels. It is based on an operations room that is connected to all the competent bodies in the Emirate of Fujairah and works to achieve the system of integration in the environmental, security and social fields.

On the objectives achieved by the application, Kassem said: The application achieves proactive in monitoring environmental problems and solving the emergency problems without complications and activating the role of the community in monitoring the surrounding environment. The natural resources organization in Fujairah also has many benefits, Mechanically and technically. And provides the management of the institution with supervisory observations. And works to achieve the system of integration in the environmental, security and social. It is also developing community partnerships among institutions to find solutions and ideas to build the Emirate of Fujairah in a sustainable development and environment.

He pointed out that the application was coordinated 14 - Dec - 2014 and was promoted through social media (Twitter - Alinsqram) and newspapers and through the workshops (lectures) and exhibitions and events that participate in the Foundation. Indeed, the implementation of the application since its launch to monitor a lot of negative environmental events, and achieved a great interaction with a large number of dealers to reach the appropriate solution. And contributed to the arrival of many positive ideas to contribute to the improvement of the environment.

As for the smart projects implemented by the organization within the framework of the smart transformation, Kassem launched several projects, the most important of which are the application of LIBEC, the smart vehicle and the operations room, and the establishment of community partnerships from different emirates to reach constructive ideas that contribute to innovative solutions for development and investment.