Obtaining ISO certification (ISO27001:2013)

Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation (FFA) has been awarded the ISO 27001: 2013 certification as the first ISO certified company in the Emirate of Fujairah and after a comprehensive evaluation by the delegates of the International Organization for Standardization and Metrology in recognition of the company's efficiency in following the highest standards of safety and information, The company is organized by thousands of companies and institutions around the world.

The Director General of the Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation, delivered the certificate to the Foundation's representative at the official headquarters of the Foundation on Monday 29/12/2014.

"On behalf of the Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation, I am delighted to receive the ISO 3ISO27001: 201 certificate for excellence in information security management by thanking the international organization.

The certificate comes as part of the plan set by the Corporation to cope with the latest technological information systems to comply with the strategic plan of the State 2021 and in line with the directions of the Emirate of Fujairah to the comprehensive plan 2040 in the preparation of institutions that keep pace with the development witnessed by the state. Eng. Mohamed Saif Al Afkham added that the ISO 3001 certification is the main component of the work systems and databases, which requires working to protect them according to the highest possible standards.

Engineer Ali Kassem said, "We would not have succeeded as advanced societies today without our effective ability to design and comply with the highest standards. The ISO certificate helps to amend the regulatory organization's systems to preserve the confidentiality of data and standardize administrative policies in dealing with information security and preparing legislation on the basis of evaluation. And develop methods to address them, as well as continue to adhere to international best practices for the protection of high-value, high-value data. "

The ISO 27001: 2013 standard applies international standards for best practices in the management and enhancement of information security systems, increased visibility and rules, and the identification of the responsibilities and powers of IT personnel. This achievement is a tangible demonstration of the success of the organization in implementing an integrated security management system Information and its ability to develop this system over time in accordance with best global practices.