Monitoring and environmental inspection

Inspection and inspection offices

Based on the objectives of the institution to the necessity of obligating all operating establishments in the field of mining in the Emirate to implement all local and federal laws and conditions of licenses for environmental, security and safety, so it was necessary to establish observation and inspection offices to implement these objectives. In fact, three offices were established in the Emirate located in the areas of Hail, Central Region (Thuban - Al - Siji) and Al - Tawiyeen. These include the areas of industrial facilities operating in the field of mining.

  • To oblige enterprises to the laws and regulations governing the work in general.
  • Connect the surrounding sites and manage the organization to facilitate the workflow.
  • Save and archive data and documents for inspection and follow up the work properly.
  • Received complaints and work to resolve them.
  • Develop emergency response plans.
  • Headquarters of inspection and control teams.