Customer Satisfaction Survey of Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation

Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation has strived to provide the high quality services that achieved its customers satisfaction and overrun their expectations through understanding your needs & requirements, so we would like you to help us to improve our work performance.
* All information and data are treated confidentially and in accordance with ISO standards (27001).

Survey data are only used for research and improvement

Personal Information:
Name :
Company Name:
Gender: Male     Female
Age 20 - 30     31 - 40   41 - 50     More
Educational qualification: Basic (Reading and Writing)     Intermediate (High School , Diploma)   Higher Education (Higher Diploma , Uiversity)     More
Nationality: Emirati     GCC Countries  Arab     Others
Place of Work: Fujairah     Abu Dhabi  Dubai     Sharjah    Ajman    Umm al-Quwain     Ras Al Khaimah

Your satisfaction will be rates depending on your approval according to the following criteria :

About Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation:
1. Easiness to reach FNRC location.
2. FNRC is equipped with all the facilities you need.
3. Communication FNRC is easy and accessible.
4. Working times are suitable in providing services.
5. FNRC is interested in your opinion and suggestions.
The Services:
1. Speed of service delivery in FNRC.
2. Service procedures are simple and easy.
3. Providing the service accurately and on time. .
4. Usually you didn’t have problems in providing the service.
5. The availability of sufficient evidences and information about the service and its requirements.
Providing Services:
1. FNRC employee is interested in understanding your needs.
2. FNRC employee performs the services correctly from the first time.
3. FNRC employee is fully understand of all service procedures.
4. Service’s employee responds to your inquiries.
5. Service’s employee looks good( appearance and behavior).
What are your suggestions in general ?