Al-Kasar Bay Export

Al Kaser Bay

The Bay started the export operations in October 2012 to meet the demand of Gulf region in building large size stones used in maritime pavement, backfill and leveling. It is used for a number of 2 berths where are loaded ships for about 10,000 tons each ship, Al Kaser Bay may also be exploited in exporting products of cement industries such as clinker and clay and is characterized by the large and extensive storage areas that help to speed loading and shipment.

Because of increasing demand for the rocks by several Arab & Gulf countries such as : Kuwait and Iraq & Qatar that had been exported previously . Fujairah Natural Resources Corporation has started in 2015 to execute expansion works at Al Kaser Bay in order to receive and load larger ships to speed the shipping process and increase the number of exported rocks.

On 03.08.2015 , it has been received and loaded the first ship with capacity of 17,000 tons in the port , with increase up to 70% in comparison with 2012 which received in the past battleships with capacity of 10,000 tons.

Because of such expansion works , 3,000,000 million tons of rock were exported in the year 2016 and Al Kaser Bay is anticipated to execute expansion works in the coming years to meet the need of the Gulf and regional markets.