About Fujairah Emirates

Emirate of Fujairah is the only emirate, which is located in the eastern part of the UAE and the Gulf of Oman and this site distinguishes it from the six other emirates, which are all located on the Arabian Gulf and gives this site a coast length of 90 kilometers on the Gulf of Oman and provides it with its outstanding ease of communication with the main shipping ports the world, making it an attractive port for investors from all over the world as the emirate is characterized by the existence of a series of rugged mountains that confine between them and the Gulf of Oman and the so-called eastern coastal plain, one of the most fertile areas of the country abound with farms and features a viable tourist huge presence beaches PRRO Of the coastal strip and the towering mountains adjacent in many areas of the seaside and natural valleys and Aflac scenic mineral waters and wellness

In terms of area, the Emirate of Fujairah is about 1,580 square kilometers, placing it in fifth place among the emirates in terms of area.

Surface and Terrain

The surface features highlands, plains, coastal strip and desert areas. The terrain of the Emirate of Fujairah is heterogeneous, with high mountainous terrain, low rise areas, coastal areas, seashores, desert areas and green agricultural estates. The emirate's land is characterized by a double topography that is the topography of the mountainous terrain and occupies a relatively small area and the topography of low lowland lands. The mountains are a small part of the large Omani chains or their western borders and borders within the UAE borders. These mountains come close to the shores of the Gulf of Oman so close that they do not leave Between the sea and the sea, only a very narrow strip of plains, which range between "5 km" in Kalba and the room and "1 km" in the rest of the strip, but less than that and finally progress feet and ends of the mountains from the sea and fall slopes, To the east coast of the UAE as the head of Dibba and Ras Adhneh, while the low coastal lands lie to the west of the mountains

The Climate

The surface features highlands, plains, coastal strip and desert areas. The Emirate is characterized by a semi-desert climate. Its main manifestations are temperature variations, low rainfall, high evaporation rates, humidity and percentage of month to month.